Congratulations on coming one step closer to living the life you truly value. At Essential Dialogues, LLC, we believe that each one of us has the innate capacity to thrive and live a whole, healthy life. However, from time to time we require help to achieve our life goals. The professionals at Essential Dialogues can be the very support you need during these times.

Essential Dialogues was founded on the premise that connecting with yourself and others is necessary to make and maintain any effective change in your life. This connection with self and others often requires us to have crucial conversations about your history, experiences, goals, values, and fears. Our highly qualified therapists specialize in assisting you to have those “essential dialogues” that will ultimately lead to the change you desire.

Because we understand that these vital conversations can be empowering but also difficult at the same time we pay particular attention to providing you a space that is collaborative, supportive, affirming, and encouraging. We are one hundred percent invested in your success and the realization of your unique and authentic self.

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Our Services

Individual Therapy

We provide individual counseling/therapy to adults and adolescents for a wide range of emotional health concerns including but not limited to trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Group Therapy

Using cutting-edge research, multiple modalities, and years of experience we offer a trauma-sensitive yoga and psychotherapy group and a sexual assault survivor support (S.A.S.S) group.

Immigration Evaluations

We provide several different types of psychological evaluations for immigration purposes including those needed for hardship waivers, U-visas, VAWA cases, Asylum, N-648 waivers, etc.


Consultation is provided to organizations in the areas of wellness, trauma-informed services/care, cultural competence, and culture management. We offer clinical supervision to psychologist candidates and unlicensed psychotherapists seeking licensure in Colorado.


Dr. Shaayestah Merchant

Essential Dialogues, LLC was founded by Dr. Shaayestah Merchant. Dr. Merchant is licensed as a clinical psychologist in Colorado (CO License PSY 3517). She has been providing clients safe spaces to grow, heal, and realize their authentic selves for several years. Dr. Merchant was born and raised in Mumbai, India and moved to Denver, Colorado several years ago. Her experiences in India and in the United States have had a powerful influence on her philosophy and understanding of health and well-being.

Dr. Merchant believes that each one of us has the capacity and resources within us to thrive and live our lives in accordance with what we value most. She has learned from her clients and through her experiences over the years as a clinician, woman of color, student, supervisor, immigrant, advocate for underserved communities, etc. that there is no one way to understand and deal with life’s tough issues. She recognizes that no matter her expertise and education each one of us is an expert on our own life. In keeping with this, Dr. Merchant is fully committed to working with all her clients in a curious, respectful and collaborative fashion emphasizing safety and empowerment.

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