Individual Therapy

Trauma Treatment & EMDR

Trauma can be experienced in so many unique ways the best treatment for it is one that is tailor-made for the individual that has experienced the trauma.

Depression & Anxiety

We will work together with you to address not only the symptoms of your depression but also the possible underlying emotional factors contributing to it.

LGBTQ Support

The professionals at Essential Dialogues, LLC value all aspects of their clients’ identities including their sexual and gender identities. Learn more.

Immigrant Mental Health

Counseling can not only help recent immigrants in adjusting to their new home but also those who have lived in their non-native country for many months or years.

Life Transitions

Engaging in counseling can be an excellent way to cope with change in an environment that feels safe and encouraging. Click to learn more.

Professional & Career Issues

At Essential Dialogues we put significant thought and work into helping individuals with their professional and academic concerns. Click to learn more.